Fieldale, Virginia
Fieldale High School Alumni

Class of 1965 : The LAST Graduating Class : 50th Reunion : October 2015
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David & Carrie Keaton, Janet Hall Montgomery
Kenney Ashworth, Terrell O'dell Trish Merriman Brogan Joyce Ziglar O'dell Arnie Brogan, Robert Joyce Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Ashley
JoAnn Tilley Norman Lois Ann Luther, Brenda Vaughn Kenney Ashworth Mrs. Ashley, David Keaton Dale Byrd, Trish Brogan Diane Brown Eanes, Trixie Adams Van Hook, Trish Merriman Brogan, Linda Padgett, Marie Kelles Trixie Adams
Trixie Adams Van Hook, JoAnn Tilley Norman Brenda & H.G. Vaughn Becky Barnard, Mike Spears and Carolyn Sue McAlexander, Linda Pugh School Letter Emory Smith Sue McAlexander, Marlene Gregory McCraw
Kenney Ashworth Linda Padgett Linda Padgett, Dee Arnold Joyce Bobby Norman, Charles Van Hook, Joyce Odell Table Setting Vaughn Turner, Frank Lucas
Photos From The Annual Lois Ann Luther, Dee & Robert Joyce, Mike Pugh Marie Kelles, Trixie Adams Van Hook Brenda Vaughn, Carrie Bouldin Keaton Marlene McCraw, Becky Barnard Bobby Norman, Charles Van Hook Wesley Ashley, Rick McCraw, Mrs. Ashley
Mike Spears and Carolyn The Group The Group The Group The Group The Cake and Wine Emcee Mac Gordon
Marie Kelles Ronnie Joyce, Linda Padgett Ronnie Joyce, Jerry Mabry and Mrs. Mabry, Linda Padgett, Becky Barnard Robert & Dee Joyce, Lois Ann Luther, Brenda & H.G. Vaughn Emory Smith, Bobby & Sue McAleander Trish's Prom Dress And Other Items Mac Gordon's Letter Sweater
Basketball Jersey Janet Hall Montgomery, David Keaton, Mike Pugh, Dale Byrd Dee & Robert Joyce, Ronnie Joyce Carrie Bouldin Keaton, Wesley Ashley and Mrs. Ashley Brenda & H.G. Vaughn, Arnie Brogan Terrell O'dell Linda Padgett, Mr.& Mrs. Cassidy, Dee & Robert Joyce
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